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The original video is in high quality (HD) resolution.

All of the videos are compressed for the internet.

The actual video materials are high quality and can be sent on request.


- DIM-FX is a studio for professional aerial photography, video and 3D animation. Modern systems and techniques are a perfect medium for the creation of quality pictures and film presentations of building constructions and architecture, both for existing and planned developments. Our latest feature is a visual representation of a future architectural project, combined with the real aerial and land filming of the terrain. The main advantage of this approach is to give the final customer (the future owner or tenant) the best overview of the property which he is considering to invest in. Thus, off plan sales are stimulated. The aim is for all of the plans, sketches and projects to be brought to life for the final customers visualization, emphasizing on the natural terrain mountains, lakes, roads, infrastructure etc, surrounding the future project. As a matter of fact, the more beautiful your building is, the more such an advertisement will do for your business interests.

- On our site you can watch several videos, presenting various business activities of our firm. All of the videos are compressed, so they can be easily accessed via internet. The actual video materials are of much higher quality and can be sent on request.

- The aerial photography (film) shows general view of the land and the properties and gives an overview inaccessible from the ground.


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